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Is your email to our system being blocked?

The problem may be with your ISP, not with our mail servers. Unfortunately some ISP's have poor policies that do not prevent the use or hijacking of their mail servers by mass commercial mailers. A legitimate user may find that their email is being blocked because of this abuse and lack of action on the part of their ISP. If this does occur to you, the bounce message you received from our server should provide specific information. Contact postmaster at powersrvcs.com for explanation or clarification if needed. A long term solution is best served by forwarding the details to your ISP. In some cases the message will have a specfic code; for instance "bl-3456" - in the text of the message. This indicates that the mail was blocked by our custom filters. See the incoming mail section below.

Incoming Mail

Incoming email is processed by a number of spam source DNS (Domain Name Server) based tools. Current DNS blacklists used are:





We particularly rely on Spamcop since it is a dynamic database that identifies spam that is occurring in real time and reported by recipients. Spamcop provides an evidence file and information about the spam source that can be viewed on the web along with statistics. Sino-Korea originated email is blocked directly by it's internet address. This is due to the wholesale relaying of SPAM from unprotected email servers in those countries. If you have a customer who is being blocked by the filter, that specific customer can be "white-listed" (i.e. the block is bypassed ) to allow incoming email to get to you. Please get information about the customer's ISP mail service to provide the basis for entering a block bypass.

Our system also uses software and custom content based rule sets that scan incoming email for certain keywords in email headers and body. In addition, these custom filters implement a virus blockage policy. Incoming and emails are not allowed to carry directly attached executable files (ending in .exe, .pif, and so on)

In the event that a message sent to you is incorrectly blocked, the sender will receive a notice with a code. The block could have occurred because of its source or because its structure and content looked too much like spam. It will never be silently discarded. If further investigation is needed, try to get a copy of the bounce message or determine the actual data and time of the bounce so our logs can be reviewed. In the event that legitimate users are blocked, their email can be"white-listed" to bypass all but the virus filters.

Outgoing Mail

Sending of mass unsolicited commercial email is not permitted by users of our network.

Custom filters implement a virus blockage policy. Outgoing emails are blocked that have certain identifying virus text signatures and any directly attached executable files (ending in .exe .pif and so on). This is in order to contain the spread of a virus in the event that a host computer gets infected. Frequently a virus will propagate by mailing itself to the people that are listed in your email software address book. Outgoing email may also be blocked if certain keywords match one of the spam filters. Again, an informational email is returned that will reference the the filter that was triggered "C-1374". Contact postmaster at powersrvcs.com if an explanation or remedy is needed.


Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS)

Updated September 29, 2003