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General Business and Inventory control software for the Macintosh

The product has the ability to handle complex inventory control issues. Stock can be placed in either "general" inventory or segregated by project. This means an item can be stocked in as many locations as desired and grouped with other related stock items. On creation of a new "project" the search function will locate every instance of the stock item and enable stock transfers between existing projects and the new project. Shortage lists can be generated for a project based on what is missing or short in current inventory and "request for quote" faxable forms can be produced to issue to potential suppliers. Reports are available to show previous suppliers and pricing on any given stock item. Master part numbers can be assigned and cross referenced for similar parts from multiple manufacturer's. Financial features; management of multiple checking accounts, detail and summary reporting, one step posting of Invoice and Statement payments to the client account record and a selected checking account. Customization services are also available.

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