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Domain registration

Hosting (Email, web, FTP, WordPress available)

Web/Database solutions

Custom Business Application/Database Development

Network consulting

Software Products

AdminEase is a complete college administration solution.

Artificat is an archaeological cataloguing and analysis tool.

Business Partner handles Inventory Management and general business transactions.

Specializing in Macintosh business database application development since 1987.

We do a great deal of work assisting folks who are interested in getting their database on the Internet and establishing an Internet presence. Our service is focused on web deployment of databases using CommonGround Softworks Inc. connectivity products. Database solutions use Helix Server, or a number of SQL database engines. We provide project consultation, and database/web hosting as needed. Ask us about hosting your web site or database full time on the Internet!

Helix databases are web deployed via Qilan available from CommonGround Softworks Inc.

Our preferred platform for SQL Databases is Apache/Mac OS X and OS X Server using Qilan.

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As a help to Helix Users who may need patches to update their older copy of Helix Express, with permission from Helix Technologies (predecessor to QSAToolworks) we are providing a Helix Express update library.. For the Helix user and developer community we are providing a Reference library of examples and tips.
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