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Rolling Stones magazine did an interview with Steve Jobs quite a while ago. In part of the interview, Steve spoke about one of his NEXT customers. This customer (a major telephone long distance carrier) felt their competitive edge existed due to the software they used in their business. The telephone company also felt that the key to maintaining their edge was by their ability to make changes in their software as conditions changed. They were able to beat other long distance companies in offering a new service because their software could quickly be updated.

This philosophy works for us and our customers. We have chosen the Qilan and Helix development environments because we can make great products with them. When our customers identify changes they need in the software, we can make the change more easily with these products than any other tools we are aware of.

The current challenge of the internet has kept us busy. We operate and maintain our own network and servers. We have helped a number of customers get an interactive presence on the internet.

Our products are generally purchased by folks who can't find what they need in "off-the-shelf" software. In a perfect world, you can open your favorite Macintosh mail order house catalog and buy just you need. Sometimes you get lucky. We take the quasi-custom software approach. People evaluate our demo's, and if it's a reasonable match, we discuss what it takes to modify the base package to be a better fit. You can get what you need at a fraction of the cost of custom software development (but we do a lot of that too!)

Our services include Helix database maintenance, web and database hosting, and network consultation.

"Software to automate the heart of your business." A well designed database focused on your business processes is an enormous multiplier for your staff's effectiveness.

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